And what does filez do?

We're a design studio with base in Argentina but due to our worldwide connections in terms of colleagues, collaborators and clients we like to think of ourselves more as a global studio.

We've been around for more than 18 years now (so I guess we're here to stay) and we had the chance to gather quite an interesting amount of experience in different design fields such as Corporate Identity, Print and Web Design.

We provide our customers with a creative and unique approach to solve their problems. Actually just their communication problems, we don't do magic. Not yet.

Our mission is simple, we work till you're happy. No buts.

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Education Changemakers

The Changemaker Program is Australia's premiere education learning experience for passionate educators who are ready to step up in their leadership journey and create change in their school.

Education Changemakers Education Changemakers Education Changemakers Education Changemakers
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MexOut is a Mexican restaurant serving the best Mexican dishes to avid Singaporeans who are craving for a Mexican foods.

Mexout Mexout Mexout Mexout Mexout Mexout Mexout Mexout Mexout Mexout Mexout Mexout
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NeedlePoint Company, that makes custom needlepoint kits to help make their client's dream a reality.

Needlepaint Needlepaint Needlepaint
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Reina Batata

Reina Batata was founded in 2003, is the pioneer of boutique bazaar in Palermo Soho, Buenos Aires Argentina.

Reina Batata Reina Batata Reina Batata Reina Batata
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Zelen Shoes

Zelen Shoes has the best selection of brand-name boots, shoes and sandals, all at the lowest prices and with free shipping anywhere in Canada!

Zelen Zelen Zelen Zelen Zelen
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PayPal: Pepe

PayPal is the world's preferred online payment method and needs no introduction. We can proudly say that we've been involved in several projects both in the production and strategy areas. Thank you for your trust!

PayPal PayPal PayPal PayPal PayPal PayPal PayPal PayPal PayPal
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PayPal: Reinvent the Way you Pay

With the launch of the new global brand repositioning campaign, we were challenged with the task of adapting it for the Latin American and Caribbean region.

PayPal PayPal PayPal PayPal PayPal PayPal PayPal PayPal PayPal PayPal PayPal PayPal
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ConnectAmericas was created by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) with the support of Google, DHL, Visa and Alibaba. It is the first social network for businesses in the Americas, dedicated to promoting foreign trade and international investment. They're really fun to work with and we've done some pretty stuff together.

ConnectAmericas ConnectAmericas ConnectAmericas ConnectAmericas ConnectAmericas ConnectAmericas ConnectAmericas ConnectAmericas ConnectAmericas ConnectAmericas ConnectAmericas ConnectAmericas ConnectAmericas ConnectAmericas ConnectAmericas ConnectAmericas
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We had the opportunity to assist the World Bank in developing the identity for S4YE, a coalition with the mission of identifying and promoting the adoption of youth employment solutions. It's a really noble cause and the kind of project you want to be part of.


But who's behind filez?

You would think we're three, but we're not. One of our most appreciated strengths is our flexible structure and our ability to adapt without losing consistency and focus. If your project requires two designers, one copywriter and 1 plumber, that's exactly what you'll get.

Plus our dog Confite is really really efficient, he does all the dirty work.

Paola Dalman

Paola Dalman
Client Relations and Studio Manager

Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina (and traveling frequently just about anywhere else), Paola Dalman graduated as a Graphic Designer from the University of Palermo in 1998.

She and her partner, Diego Wasergold, founded a studio which designed and produced lots of artwork for textile, graphic and web design. Two years later a third partner, Jonathan Wasergold joined them, and the three of them created Filez.

Paola's work has touched many corners of style, subject matter and intent. From advertising to catalogue design, her taste and affection for her work radiated strong conceptual and graphic qualities. Her creative and inventive design ability combined with her 16 years of experience as a graphic designer and studio owner gives her a keen understanding of what excites an audience as well as what can be built for a wide range of budget options.

Today, Paola is Client Relations and Studio Manager at Filez. She makes the first contact with the client, introduces the Company and Services that the 9 people Team offers, engaging them for the work they require. She does some Project Management for specific Clients that require her personal attention, and she works as a Design Consultant for the Designers and Coders at the Studio.

Jonathan Wasergold

Jonathan Wasergold
Studio Manager

Jonathan Wasergold initiated his Graphic Design studies in 1996 at the University of Palermo (Universidad de Palermo), located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. There he had his first approach to different areas of Design, both in theory and practice, such as Graphic Production, Audiovisual Communication, Semiology, Photography, and Corporate Identity among others.

In his now 14 years of experience, he's been involved in both, local and international projects that helped him develop an effective working methodology.

Among his activities as Studio Manager at Filez, Jonathan is involved in Human Resources and Research of new Trends and Technologies, and works as a Design Consultant for the Designers and Coders at the Studio.

Needless to say, he enjoys very much drinking a good espresso.

Diego Wasergold

Diego Wasergold
Studio Manager

Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Diego Wasergold started to work as a Designer in 1996 in an important Graphic Company, getting a lot of knowledge and experience in several areas.

In 1996, he also started his studies of Graphic Design at the University of Palermo (Buenos Aires, Argentina) graduating in the year 2000.

By 1998, he an his partner, Paola Dalman, founded their first Studio named Sketch, where he had the chance to work for national and multinational companies. Later, a third partner, Jonathan Wasergold, joined them in their venture, creating Filez, one of his most ambitious dreams.

Currently, Diego Wasergold has 18 years of designing background. He is working as Studio Manager at Filez, getting involved in Design and Implementation processes. Diego enjoys challenges and new technologies research and development.

He loves cars, dogs, Taekwon do, and hanging out with his friends and Family, another of his most ambitious dreams came true.

Catalina Lackner

Catalina Lackner
Client Relations and Project Manager (South Florida)

Catalina Lackner has twelve years of experience combining design, photography and technology to create engaging visuals and websites. Splitting time between artistic ventures and project management, she has been involved in the production of 90+ websites for a variety of notable clients.

Catalina holds a Bachelor of Science in Media Arts & Computer Animation (2002). She was exposed to a multi-disciplinary curriculum that included photography, graphic and web design. Her knowledge of the creative and technical aspect behind printed and online projects combined with management experience allows her to plan, budget and oversee diverse projects.

At Filez she makes the first contact with clients in South Florida and makes sure that the scope and direction of each project is on schedule. She is passionate about her family, photography and art.

Tamara Jalif

Tamara Jalif
Online Marketing and Social Media Counselor

Tamara was born in Buenos Aires and has many years working as a Business and Marketing Manager. She graduated from Universidad de Buenos Aires with a degree in Business Administration. She also has an MBA in Strategic Marketing from Universidad de Palermo.

She was recently incorporated to Filez where, as an Online Marketing and Social Media Counselor, works on Marketing Plans, Branding, Market Research and Online Marketing Campaigns among other activities.

She loves her notebook and a good cup of Nespresso.

skype: filezsite

t: [5411] 4375 5869

p: [54911] 4058 6585

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